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Yay! I've already lost 2 pounds (just in 1 week). I hope I can stick to it, but anyway, I have some tips for people out there who really need to lose weight: 1)WATER, WATER, WATER! Drink as much water as humanly possible. Water flushes out your system and helps to shed unwanted pounds. Also, drink a big glass of water before meals. You won't be as hungry because water fills you up. 2)Exercise - Do at least 10 minutes of cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise per day. You should start at 10 minutes, then slowly build up to 30 minutes per day. Weight training can also help because it replaces fat with muscle. 3)Eat Less/Eat Healthier - Try to cut your meal size in half (ex: instead of eating 2 burgers, eat 1. Try to cut junk food (candy, cookies, etc.) down to once a day. Try to avoid eating at fast food restaurants. If u love burgers, buy extra-lean burgers and cook at home. END OF TIPS If you are interested in losing weight, and are between 90-130 pounds, you are most likely a normal weight for your age/height. Also, don't try any quick diets, because they harm your body more than they help it. And losing more than 2-3 pounds a week can also harm you. You should probably talk to your physician to find out how much weight is healthy for you to lose. I hope this helped!
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No, Im a guy.
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is your name kristen???????