From lesa, Age 13 - 06/02/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
ya'll are always saying it is really bad to be overweight. there ARE worse things, it really drives me up the wall, someone said that they would kill thereself b\c they were overweight, i hav been in an institution for suicidal thoughts, 4 a totally diferent reason. and they still called me mellodramatic. ya'll can lose weight, but, no matter what, have confidence, ya'll all seem to hav a really bad self image. think about it, try an hour, to say, ur skinny, and think of someone else being the overweight, put it into retrospect, losing weight is REALLY HARD for me, and i understand, but i think any one can do it, eat half off what u eat, and make breakfast smotheis, and drink when ur hungry, b\c most of the time u aren't really hungry at all, drink water with a spoon full of sugar, milk, anything, and drinK SLOWELY. it can work, if u work at it. i garuntee it!!! i believe in all of u. don't be miserable, b\c it won't get better unless u make it better, make ur own life to live, ur a good person, u deserve the whole package, so go get it. i believe in you, as i do myself, good luck!! ytou can do it!! i promise you can!!!! : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :)!!!
Reply from Tori, Age 13 - 08/13/03  - IP#:
Dear Lesa,
Thanx for the good advice I will really focus on wut u said! I have always been skinny until 3rd grade now i am overweight! I dont no how it happened it just did, the kids @ school and on the computer make fun off me! I havelocked myself in the bathroom because I was so sick and tired of being called fat and stuff! Now i will really try to get skinny again!
thanx:) :) :) :)
Reply from N, Age 13 - 06/05/03  - IP#:
then why dont u go to a mental institution website? this is for overweight people okay?