From Amanda, Age 13 - 05/25/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Today: 236 lb - Hey I need help really bad. I am 236 pounds cause I have alot of dead weight. LIke 1 pound of feathers are still lighter that 1 pound of cement for some odd reason. Well I am like the cement. I have tried throwing up, not eating, and all kinds of other stuff. Help me please!
Reply from cedricka, Age 13 - 06/25/03  - IP#:
Hey,i have tried the same things u have i am still trying.I want to go to a weight loss camp but i don't have enough money.It cost so much,like 1,950 and 5,568 and etc. Gosh we r just the same but i weight 198!It is so bad maybe we can talk so im me at akcirdec or e-mail me at!!Bye P.S.If anyone can help me contact me to.I will do anything to loose weight!!!
Reply from Andrew, Age 13 - 05/27/03  - IP#:
don't try throwing up. Its unhealthy and will rot your teeth. email me at
Reply from Christine, Age 16 - 05/25/03  - IP#:
Come to the new chatroom and i can help you