From Britt-Britt, Age 12 - 02/17/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
HEy i wAz WoNdErIn iF anY of YoU TriEd TaE-bO??!?!?!anD iF s0 hOw LoNg DiD iT taKe To Lose ThE weIgHt u WaNteD tO lOsE??!!?!?!?HoW mUch LBS. diD u WaNa LosE??!?!?
do u think i could lose 20 pounds by eating healthy and using tae-bo the advanced one(4-5 times a week for 1 hour)for BOUT 1-2 MoNths and do u no if tae-bo comes in DVD?!?!?!?!?thnx for any replies!!
Reply from Britt-Britt, Age 12 - 02/21/03  - IP#:
and im not fat im actUALLY PRETTY FIT and u dont no me so just shut the h'ell up!!
Reply from Britt-Britt, Age 12 - 02/21/03  - IP#:
uh....ok paul i just felt like it god u should get a life!!by the way i have had like more than 3 bfs in the past couple of weeks so latz!!!
Reply from Georgina, Age 14 - 02/20/03  - IP#:
Well, her typing gave me a headache but at least it shows a little originality and creativity. And I don't know any girl who would be interested in a guy who liked her ability to type!!!!! That is from something like the 1950s!!!
Reply from paul, Age 17 - 02/20/03  - IP#:
dont you know how to type? i mean guys like girls who are simple and knows how to type even if you beacame thinner but you dont know how to type or write neatly no one will have a crush on you.
Reply from ~*~Brittany~*~, Age 12 - 02/18/03  - IP#:
thnx for ur replys (lol georgina! i no, after i posted it i realized it can make me dizzy!) lol welp lataz~!~
Reply from Georgina, Age 14 - 02/18/03  - IP#:
Reading ur typing gives me a headache!
Reply from Pinksy1, Age 17 - 02/17/03  - IP#:
hey! i did tae bo for a lil while and i do not know how much i lost becuz i dont like scales but i could see a difference and my clothes were bigger. hope that helps! good luck