From Adriana, Age 13 - 02/12/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
What exactly can you eat in the Atkins Diet? Is that a good diet? I was thinking of trying the Special K diet.. But I don't know which one of the two can make you lose more weight. Somebody please respond and help!!
Reply from j, Age 12 - 02/20/03  - IP#:
I did that diet last summer, u have to cut out alot of carbs like bread and stuff. It is a good diet but u have to watch what u eat or ull gain it all back like me.
Reply from JOEY, Age 12 - 02/15/03  - IP#:
IT MESSES UP U'RE LIVER DONT DO ATKINS I WARN U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply from Jackie, Age 14 - 02/13/03  - IP#:
check out
Reply from Jackie, Age 14 - 02/13/03  - IP#:
you can pretty much eat anything except carbs. things that have carbs... bread, pasta, rice, ect. but you still have to proportion your meals.
Reply from Adriana, Age 13 - 02/12/03  - IP#:
Oh yeah, you can e-mail me at or IM me on PreciouzAnqelx =)
Reply from Adriana, Age 13 - 02/12/03  - IP#:
Really?? What did you eat on Atkins? Thanks for the reply
Reply from Ray Ray, Age 11 - 02/12/03  - IP#:
the atkins diet works really well...i've lost about 10 pounds so far on it in like 2 weeks