From Crystal, Age 14 - 02/10/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My weight did not nearly match my height, and i went from the most atheletic to the flabby chicl who used to be pretty. I lost about 6 pounds a week by just making out a diet every day of what i ate. every morning id make what i could eat. and i could only drink water. i only have 15 pounds left 2 achieve my goal. yay!!
Reply from eliane, Age 15 - 02/13/03  - IP#:
congratz....i'm glad that you lost soo much exactly did you lose all that weight?e-mail me at
Reply from lauren read this, Age 16 - 02/13/03  - IP#:
you know lauren it depends on the metabolism of a person 2 pounds a weak is only or those who cant seem to fillow thier diet.
Reply from lauren, Age 12 - 02/10/03  - IP#:
you lost 6 lbs in only one week? thats not healthy at all..your only supposed to lose up to 2 lbs in one week