From narisa, Age 17 - 02/08/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hi u guys its me again! im almost 2 weeks into my diet and i have lost 6 lbs!! i still havent seen any big results but someone said my face looked a little thinner! thanks u guys for all ur advice! i really hope i see results! im glad u people who have already lost weight have replied to me! it makes me feel much better. if anyone else has any good tips or information for me id reallly appreciate it if you could email me at, oh and all u people pleaseeee email me, anyone who has lost weight, email to let me know how much u lost the first couple of weeks and when u started seeing results! i need reassurance or i might just quit thinking that since i havent seen any noticable results yet that they probably wont happen! please email me guys! much love muahz~ *naRisa*
Reply from eliane, Age 15 - 02/11/03  - IP#:
wow, how did you lose 6lbs and how long did it take you?please e-mail me at
Reply from Lacy, Age 17 - 02/09/03  - IP#:
I didnt see noticable results for a few months. I am currently at a stall in weight loss, although the inches keep coming off! So, really just lose the weight and keep going. The inches and fat take time to leave your body. Good job, and dont stop until you reach your goal. If your serious enough about dieting, you wont stop. Gracias! A good diet is to only eat things that can be hunted or gathered. It takes out bread, eggs, and cheese. Stick to the real stuff. Sugar is not good! You should get energy from natural sugar instead of from candy or treats. Aviod salad dressings too, try virgin olive oil instead. Also, avoid oranges because they create a plateau in weight loss. Chocolate is not good! Coffe beans can't be eaten in their natural state either. (TO SUM IT UP- ONLY EAT THINGS THAT CAN BE HUNTED OR GATHERED, AND EATEN IN THEIR RAW STATE-*thats why eggs are bad* Good luck! -thats what I've been doing. I started the begining of summer and have lost about 40 pounds. Just dont torture yourself to lose the weight. It will come eventually. The first month is the hardest. After that, the cravings will go, and you wont even mind not eating all that junk. Common sence tells us - cavemen and explorers, pilgrims - none were ever obese, they followed this plan of hunt/gather so try it. Its perfectly healthy. Nuts are great, except for cashews. Beans are off limits too. *if you want any more info, just write another message posted under this note and i'll write more.