From Craig, Age 14 - 02/08/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Today: 168 lb, Goal: 137 lb - Hi all. I weigh 168lbs. I'm not as light as i look cuz iv learnt to pull my stomach in all the time which has made it a bit firmer. I'v been going on aol:health4men and got some good work out techniques for losing flab and gaining body shape on most parts of the body. My goal weight is 137lbs (dnt ask why 137 it just is!) and I'm gonna aim for 2lbs a week. My advice to ppl is dont set your aim too high as when you dnt reach it you will be dissapointed! Set a more believable goal and when you reach that you will even amaze yourself!! THE KEY TO FITNESS IS A COMBINATION OF HEALTHY EATING AND EXERCISE! You cant just do one or the other, u need both to succeed. I recently got a girlfriend who really is my true love and she has given me the extra spur to get me to my goal. Now all you people need to do is find your spur and reach your realistic target which is possible ifd you believe in yourself. Think POSITIVE 24/7 and you will succeed!! All u gotta do now is find ur spur! Message me if u wanna chat, c u ppl and to everyone: U CAN DO IT!!! From Craig
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hey! thats really cute about your girlfriend helping you and all..i really need some tips i mean i thought i lost 7 lbs but then a couple of days ago i went to the doctors office in the morning and she weighed me and im 112!i thought that i was 108! when i asked my dad about that he said that the scale at the doctors office is most likely a lot more accurate then the one at our house but i really feel like i havent accomplished anything at all and so if you have any tips at all just email me at