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Hey, everyone! Sorry, it's been ages n ages since I've posted, but I've been SO busy! Anyway, this is to all the girls here: (sorry guys) Last week my dad signed me up at this gym type place a few minuets from my house because I need to get more exersize, and at first I was mad at him for not asking me...But I don't care anymore. The place is called curves, and it's especially for women. They have this circle of epipment that u use in order. You go around the circle three times in a half hour. Every other space is a special platform that u walk/jog in place on. You can even dance on it if u want, cuz they play music. Everyone there is super nice, and its only thirty minuets three times a week. I absolutely despise exersize, and I actually look forward to going. There are Curves all over the US and Canada, so if your looking for a good place to help you on your way to losing weight...I totally sudjest you go here. ~*Hugz*~
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No, I live in NJ.
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Do u live in ny??
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Sorry, Whitney, I am a girl...Hence the fact that I'm writing about going to a womens' gym...Good luck to everyone!
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I think that sammy is a girl lol
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Hey! I know this is completly off the subject but u sound like a totally sweet guy! Maybe we could talk sometime. E-mail me at