From Kristina, Age 14 - 01/11/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'1", Today: 138 lb (BMI %tile: 92) - Hi everyone, im 14 and im 5'1 and weigh 138lbs. I reacently just had a baby (please dont hold it against me, i know that im a bad person, it wasnt my fault) but i really need to lose some weight, i used to weigh a lot there any way to shift the weight fast?? please help.
Reply from Cherise, Age 15 - 01/12/03  - IP#:
First of all, don't think that having a baby young makes you a bad person, people make mistakes and it doesn't make you any less of a person (no pun intended lol) I discovered a diet that works really well, just cut down on carbs, which means no bread, potatos, pasta rice and stuff like that. Its called the atkins diet and its really easy! check it out online! :)
Reply from amy, Age 15 - 01/12/03  - IP#:
wats ur baby callled
Reply from Jackie, Age 14 - 01/11/03  - IP#:
hey im 14, 5'1 and 138 lbs too! Lets chat. or IM me Thespian831