From tigger, Age 14 - 11/09/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
i am 132 pounds and my waste line is 38" , but i think i am over my supposed to be weight. over the last three years i have gained a lot of weight. i used to run all the time and do outside activities but know all i do is stay inside. i am 5'4" and i fell so tired of looking at my self in the mirror and seeing how fat i look and i'm tired of a role hanging over my pants. what can i do?
Reply from Jennifer, Age 13 - 11/10/02  - IP#:
Hey well girl you weigh less then me and im younger then But what im doing right now is cutting my meals in half and not going back for seconds. I also tryed to cut back on the sweets. I do a lot of exercising and drink a Butt load of ok well if you need any more encouarge ment email me at (Ya im the girl from the top of the page...hehe) GOOD LUCK! :)