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Hi, I can't tell you my name (so I just post as patrick). You (whoever "you" is) might have read my posts here before, but anyway, I'm going to tell you now that I've been overweight since I was in preschool. I remember that when I was 9 I was 4' 10" and 140 lbs. My BMI was like 35 and it stayed the same for a while. When I was 10 I was 5'2" (about) and 170 lbs. Now, even though I weigh 185 lbs., I'm actually thinner than I was becuase I only gained 15 pounds and got 5 inches taller (I'm now 5'7", maybe even 5'8"). I don't know what stopped me from gaining more weight, but anyway, now I'm actually starting to lose weight. Over the summer, I was like 188 lbs. and I started gaining more weight, but when I entered middle school, I'm starting to lose weight because of gym. I now weigh 185 lbs., and my BMI is 29, and I'm planning to lose 5 lbs. a month. It's a modest goal, but by my birthday (in February), I'll have lost 20 lbs if I lose weight at that rate. By the time I graduate from 6th grade, I'll weigh 150 lbs. if I lose 5 lbs. a month. Really, all I'm going to do is eat NO snacks at all, apart from the occasional carrot or apple, so I'll just eat 3 meals a day and nothing else. I eat ALOT of snacks, sometimes even up to 10 Oreos a day, but I don't gain any weight. I figure if I eat no snacks whatsoever, then I might actually lose weight. My goal is 120 lbs. by the end of 7th grade. Then I won't be so self-concious. I don't take off my shirt when I go swimming, and I wear my gym uniform over my regular clothes so I don't have to change clothes in P.E. If anyone else is my age (11) and is self-concious too, please respond to this post.
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I'm a boy, but I don't have an e-mail address.
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I have to know if ur a female or male...we could be weight loss buddies!