From Lindsey, Age 13 - 10/17/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I really need help. I eat healthy for breakfast and lunch but i pig out after dinner and school. I never get off my lazy butt to excercise either. If you have any suggestions email me at
Reply from Kevin, Age 16 - 10/24/02  - IP#:
mark, you're a punk. Who says things like that? Lindsey, in order to lose weight you actually do have to exercize. You don't have to stop eating post-dinner snacks, but you should cut down
Reply from Kate, Age 15 - 10/18/02  - IP#:
I know exactly what you mean-i do the same thing. I almost starve myself for breakfast and lunch, but after dinner i pig out. I all i can say is, if u have to eat something, try to make it healthy. I'll try the same thing. Goodluck!