From Courtney, Age 12 - 10/07/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi everyone. I have lost 20lbs, but i still need to loose more. I am 5'2 132lbs, and a sz 11 in juniors. I really need help, because i want to loose 32 MORE lbs, but they just don't seem to come off. Nobody makes fun of me about it, and i even have guys who like me, but i still feel fat. Will someone please post a reply to this?
Reply from manda jh, Age 14 - 10/08/02  - IP#:
hey! good job on that 20 lbs. This must be kinda like a midpoint where you kinda are getting...well, not as strict on the diet or something. I just recommend to keep going at it. Maybe you've hit a plateau (spell check) and won't lose for awhile, but if you continue to do everything right and exercise, eventually you will start losing faster again:-) That's for me too, I'm on a plateau, but I'm still trying, and it's coming off little by little. Keep at it girl, you started to reach your goal, don't waste all that effort and stop and gain it back, this must be a lifestyle change. Not a "just until I get there" kinda thing.