From Jennifer, Age 14 - 10/07/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I'm 5'3'' and about 150 lbs, i need to lose like 20 pounds and i want to be back to my size 7 but im like an 11 now. my waist is about 32 inches and my hips 36. Does anyone have any tips on losing weight? I'm going to start running half a mile everyday and not eating as much as usual. Someone please reply and give me some tips, that would be really appreciated, thanks!
Reply from mireya, Age 15 - 10/08/02  - IP#:
hi well im 5'3 too and weigh about 154 lbs. im also a size 11 and 12 if you want to share tips and try to lose weight together e-mail me at