From joanne, Age 13 - 09/29/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I NEED HELP! im 13 stone and i am extremely obease im 5ft 4 inches.i am always picked on and want to join weight watchers but cant go to meetings.i was wondering how to get a points book?i am really unconfident and spend all my time in my room.i cant stop eating but i have to stop and i have got my heart set on loosing weight just like one of my friends!she went from a size 16 to 18 and now shes a size 8.
Reply from anne, Age 13 - 09/30/02  - IP#:
My mom does WW and she gets points from I hope you like it!
Reply from Katie, Age 15 - 09/30/02  - IP#:
hiya how did ur friends lose w8 and how long did it take her pls reply to me at BARKINGGIRL2002@YAHOO.CO.UK thanks