From cathy, Age 15 - 09/19/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
HELP i need to lose 15 pounds for homecoming im 5'3 and 125, HELP I WANT TO LOOK SKINY, my legs are so big its embarrassing because i have short stubby ugly legs so i need to lose weight!
Reply from tru, Age 14 - 09/26/02  - IP#:
i have the same problem i am short but i have fat thighs all I can tell you is to run to burn calories then its burns the fat, also mixing vingar and water will make you feel less hungry,good luck
Reply from Amy, Age 19 - 09/19/02  - IP#:
Do what i do see i did not like my legs so i started going for walks everynight. i made my friends do it to so i did not go alone... So i say go for walks and everything will go just fun and have fun on your big night.. :)