From christina, Age 13 - 08/23/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My mom measured how tall i was and i was 5'3...and last time i checked i was 140 pounds but im not sure if thats what i weigh now because the scale is broken we gotta get a new one. And i checked the weight scale here and it said:Your Body Mass Index is 24.8, which is the 92th percentile and it said the healthy weight range for my weight and height and it said :The healthy weight range for your height and age is 87 to 129 pounds that means im overweight 11 pounds but it still said im at risk of becoming overweight i think theres somthing wrong with the scale because if im over the healthy weight range doesnt that make me overweight!?
Reply from terra - 09/11/02  - IP#:
whats yur last name?
Reply from Krissy, Age 12 - 08/23/02  - IP#:
Yes it makes you relize you r becomeing ovrweight so u can start eating healthier and excerzing b4 you get to the overweight stage