From jenny, Age 15 - 08/20/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
is it alright to take pills if any 1 has suggestions of what kind of diet pills please reply, this one girl and my school used to be really big but she took some pills and now she is so freakin skiny!!!!!!
Reply from Lena, Age 11 - 08/22/02  - IP#:
diet pills are really bad for you and you should just eat healthy and excercise and you may wanna tell that girl in your schol that its bad for her. (>")> sorry the kirby was random! lol
Reply from Nia, Age 13 - 08/21/02  - IP#:
Diet pills are bad.. you could end up dying from that.
Reply from Krissy, Age 12 - 08/21/02  - IP#:
my mom takes diet pills and they don't work. so why would they work for you?
Reply from Gwen, Age 13 - 08/20/02  - IP#:
Hey, I heard that diet pills don't really work anyways, and if there is such a big risk, why bother? You may as well just excersise and eat right. Besides, excersise and healthy eating are good for you for more than just weightloss, so you should just do that. =)
Reply from Michelle, Age 14 - 08/20/02  - IP#:
Like everyone else, I don't think diet pills are the way to go, they might seem like the 'easy way' but, most people just put the weight back on after they take them anyway. If you do decide you want to try diet pills, though, make sure you talk with your doctor about what kind is right for you, or even if you need them!! If the Doctor does perscribe some for you, make sure that you check all the chemicals in them, making sure there are no steroids, or thing that can react with other things you use. I hope you consider this carefully and do what is best for you. We're all here for you, good luck.
Reply from Cindy, Age 16 - 08/20/02  - IP#:
Hi. I think that if you are considering taking pills you should consult your doctor. A few years ago a girl at my school who was a year older than me took some weight loss pills because someone told her she was fat. A few days later she had a headache and took some asprin. The asprin interacted with the pills and caused her to go into liver failer. She was rushed to the hospital but there was nothing she could do but have a liver transplant that she needed to have that day. She didn't get the transplant and ended up dying. I was only in the 7th grade at the time, but that is something that has always stuck with me and why I will never take diet pills. So, please consider this story before you decide to take diet pills, it happened to her and it could happen to anyone, even you.
Reply from Rachel, Age 16 - 08/20/02  - IP#:
it's not healthy to lose weight from taking pills.
Reply from jenny, Age 15 - 08/20/02  - IP#:
she doesnt have a docter she took pills from the market. if you know any pills that have worked please tell me i want to lose 15 to 20 pounds thanx
Reply from allisa, Age 13 - 08/20/02  - IP#:
i wouldn't take any pills unless your doctor said so. the girl that use to be really big might of had her doctor tell her to take a certain kind of pill. and i knew a friend who took pills with out the doctor saying so and lost 15 pounds but somthing wasn't right and her doctor made her gain the weight back. if u really want a pill ask your doctor and see what he says. he may agree and give u some pills that will be alright for u to have
Reply from Angela, Age 12 - 08/20/02  - IP#: pills aren't really healthy cause they like speed up ur heartrate and stuff, so you could like die if you overdosed.