From Stacy, Age 15 - 08/20/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
HELP! I started loosing weight, but now its like I am gaining it back. I eat fruit salad everyday for a snack, no junk food and eat a healthy dinner. I do 30 min of cardio, 20 min of streches, crunchs, and then walk for 20 min. Why am I gaining weight??? Shouldn't I be loosing?? I am doing more exercising now then when I was loosing weight. PLEASE RESPOND!!!
Reply from Sukey, Age 15 - 08/29/02  - IP#:
hey yea the same thing happened to me...i lost only a few pounds...thenstarted gaining weight...becuz of the exercisin i wasdoin...well hay if u need to talk to the way im a 5 foot 4 and 125 pounds...cya
Reply from Sara, Age 14 - 08/21/02  - IP#:
its probably just because your gaining muscle from all that working out your doing. Your losing the fat yes, But gaining muscle weight hun!
Reply from Kelly, Age 13 - 08/20/02  - IP#:
Rachel's right, you prob are gettin more muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, that's why if you're really muscular, the BMI calculator on this site doesn't work accurately.
Reply from Rachel, Age 16 - 08/20/02  - IP#:
u r probably gaining muscle from execrising. don't worry cuz it's good to have more muscle since muscle helps burn more calories.