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Hi!!! I am a 4'5" female who weighs 138 and has a waist of 47. I have been overweight all my life. When I did a yahoo search a BMI calculator said that I was obease. WOW I always thought I was just overweight. You would think that would motivate me to try to become slim, but it didn't seem to. I have a history for diabeties in my family. My grandma has it and my mother has symtoms for it. I suppose I should be encouraged to lose weight , but somehow... I'm not. My grand parents have a big hill. Sometimes my uncle will take me fishing and I cant seem to make it up the hill. It takes my cousin who is 8 years older than me 30 seconds to get up the hill but it takes me 1minute and 45 seconds to get up. and i'm sweaty and out of breath. He doesn't even break a sweat!!! I no I can do something if i try but I cant seem to get motavated to do it. PLEASE SUM 1 HELP ME!!!!!!!! love, Rockerbaby
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go to the old chat room now pplease! its 4:54 p.m. 8/19