From Ammy, Age 17 - 08/16/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I am very impressed by all of your efforts to become slimmer and healthier people. I feel bad for you young ones that are dealing with the teasing. You all seem like really great people inside. In the end you must all realize that you are very special. I think it all comes down to being comfortable. Dont base what you look like on the media. Instead of comparing yourselves to all the supermodels, research on how inaccurately the media portrays women and how a lot of you are actually average and just fine for your age.
Reply from kaitlin, Age 13 - 08/17/02  - IP#:
it's great that you can give advice like that. i was made fun of for being weight even by my own family. but to hear someone say things like that is nice it gives kids a great self- esteem.
Reply from manda jh, Age 14 - 08/16/02  - IP#:
that's really great what you're saying to some people.