From Rockerbaby - 08/13/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey yall!! I'm 4' 5" and i way 137. I have a BMI of 34.3, so I am considered obease. I just started walking with my friends today and i have started doing 2 thirty minute workout sessions on tv. I have a boyfriend and he says it doesn't matter how I look b/c i will always be perfect to him. I haven't been getin real many replys.I'm doing this because I want to be healther. ; ) Much Luv ,ROCKERBABY
Reply from Rachel, Age 16 - 08/14/02  - IP#:
u r soooo lucky to have such a great bf!! i've never even had a bf before!! and i feel soo bad about it!
Reply from manda jh, Age 14 - 08/13/02  - IP#:
lol. That is so great. marry him. lol
Reply from candy, Age 14 - 08/13/02  - IP#:
treasure that guy. my ex commented that i was chubby and all and i found that irritating thats y hes gone.
Reply from ~Leslie~, Age 14 - 08/13/02  - IP#:
I will tell ya one thing, you have a really great boyfriend tellin you that. I hope you have good luck with your weight loss and have fun!