From ana, Age 15 - 08/06/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
ok i hear a lot of people saying do this diet cause you lose water weight. but actually when you lose water weight you can notice it i lost 8 lbs. and people said it was water loss cause i lost it in a week. but you really could notice it because i lost 2 inches in my waist.
Reply from Erin, Age 14 - 08/14/02  - IP#:
What is Water Weight?
Reply from Jenna, Age 14 - 08/07/02  - IP#:
What s this water weight thing? How o you lose water weight?
Reply from Ryan, Age 31 - 08/06/02  - IP#:
Ana, I am a personal trainer, and can tell you that by losing weight within the first week, this weight is easily put back on. Don't get excited over the first week, yes it is only water weight. Speaking of water, how much do you drink, at least 8 glasses a day is recommended. This is the hardest thing for everyone on earth to do... but you have to make the effort. The long term weight loss comes over time. THis happens when you lose your flab, and turn it into lean muscle, through exercise. Good luck!!!