From Rachel, Age 13 - 07/13/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Anyone here want to lose like 5-10 lbs? If you do please e-mail me at: . Or post with tips, is it true that drinking icewater helps burn calories, because of what your body needs to do to warm the water up? Thanks
Reply from Rachel, Age 14 - 07/16/02  - IP#:
Hi, my name is Rachel I'm 14 and i weigh 145 i wanna lose 10 pounds by 4 1/2 weeks can u help?
You can e-mail me at
Reply from ann, Age 13 - 07/14/02  - IP#:
hey im 13, 5'5, and im going into 8th grade. I wiegh between 120- 125 and i really just wana way at least 115ish. any ideas for a mini diet?
Reply from Britknee, Age 13 - 07/14/02  - IP#:
I am 13 years old, and in the 8th grade, and i weigh 113 lbs. and i wanna loose sum of it- any ideas?
Reply from Rachel, Age 13 - 07/13/02  - IP#:
i love hayden, it says your e-mail address isnt qualified. :(
Reply from i love hayden c., Age 12 - 07/13/02  - IP#:
I am a 5'6 1/2 girl who is 153lbs. who wants to lose 10lbs email
Reply from Sukey, Age 15 - 07/13/02  - IP#:
hey im a 15 year old female from canada...and yea im about 5 foot 4 and 128 pounds...and i wanan loes about 10 plz email