From Adrijana, Age 12 - 05/09/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
well i didn't really reach my goal i gained 3 lbs in 2 days and im really upset right now. im 5'3 and i weigh about 126lbs and i want to try to lose 6 lbs in 2 weeks.
Reply from Tori, Age 14 - 05/20/02  - IP#:
that`s not bad at all. it`s alright to lose 1-6 pounds a week according to the doctors and nutritionists.GOOD LUCK! maybe we can give eachother tips or something my e-mail is!
Reply from Princess, Age 19 - 05/16/02  - IP#:
i think that's too much too fast...try slowing down a bit...a few pounds a month..sorry..but they say that's the only way you'll not gain it all back!
Reply from Kat, Age 13 - 05/10/02  - IP#:
You really don't need to lose weight, I went to the doctor yesterday. I am 5"5 and I weigh 168 pounds! He said I should weigh 125, and Blubber Busters said I should weigh between 92 and 136 pounds. Really, you're not fat, but if you think you need to lose a few pounds, see a doctor and get a second opinion.
Reply from ana, Age 16 - 05/09/02  - IP#:
try that special K kellogs cereal diet, great way to lose the rest of the weight