From Jaylynn, Age 16 - 04/23/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Oh my....GOD. please people. lose the fatness for YOURSELF. not so some hottie bo-body will dig you. If there is some guy/chic you wanna date, but they wont date you cuz you be chubbed out, they dont like YOU. as in ALL of you...they are obviously focusing on the OUTER YOU..and chances are- if "the person" doesnt like you now- they wont after you lose weight either. anybody who wants a good FAST diet plan for ppl within the range of- 5'2-5'7 and 155-125 lbs hit me back- i gt one that worked for me- lotta move peace
Reply from Cherie, Age 14 - 07/12/02  - IP#:
hey i would really like ur help!! I am 5'3 and weigh 120, would u please help me out i am so desperate!!
Reply from ryan, Age 14 - 07/01/02  - IP#:
hey will you send me the wieght loss plan please. send it to
Reply from veronica, Age 13 - 05/25/02  - IP#:
Hey can you please send it to me? thanks my E-mail is
Reply from amanda b, Age 14 - 05/03/02  - IP#:
tell me more please e-mail me at
Reply from kaitlyn, Age 13 - 05/01/02  - IP#:
send it to me m e mail address is
Reply from nicole, Age 12 - 04/28/02  - IP#:
hey, umm i would really really really like it if u can give me sum advice on dieting, i just read through sum of da things, and theres quite alot so if u dont get time to do thats sweet, but plz try cos i could do with sum advice to make those guys regret dumping me and stuff lol! nah not really its just i havnt exactly been skinny at all in my life and i would love it if i could b4 i go to college (im not cure if ur from america or not, but in nz thats wat cums afta intermeditte!) ne way email me k (if u can) luv ya nicole ~oxoxoxoxoxox~
Reply from Rachel, Age 13 - 04/27/02  - IP#:
please send me the info on dieting, that would be great
thanxs babe.~Rachel
Reply from Jenny Lynn, Age 15 - 04/26/02  - IP#:
hi could u please please please send that to me im 5'4 and prolly round 150 thanks
Reply from Trish, Age 16 - 04/26/02  - IP#:
can you email it to me please? My email is
Reply from Jamie, Age 13 - 04/24/02  - IP#:
Could you tell me? My email is im 5'2" and weigh about 140-145lbs
Reply from rachel, Age 14 - 04/24/02  - IP#:
can u please tell me the diet? my address is
Reply from becca, Age 13 - 04/23/02  - IP#:
wuts ur email? how do i email u without ur email? hahaha lol. my email is, if u wanna email me first! thanz becca
Reply from amanda, Age 15 - 04/23/02  - IP#:
Hey whats up i weigh about 150 and i'm 5'3 i'm a little overweight but i'm not that worried about it. I Think i'm going to diet because i'm going to flordia and want a great body. Can you help me with this? you said you had a diet plan will it work for me? you can write or whatever, hey don't forget to capitalize the L in lizzy. Thanks for your reply amanda
Reply from whitney, Age 14 - 04/23/02  - IP#:
yeah i no that people shouldnt judge you for what u look like on the outside, but i want to lose weight for myslef, so i feel more confident about me. all o want to lose is around 10-20 pounds. what worked for you?!