From Marie, Age 16 - 04/13/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I have never been really skinny, because being Puerto Rican, i have hereditary hips and thighs. Personally, those areas I love. It's my stomach I HATE. I used to have a flat stomach, now I have these "chichos". I can tell I've gained at least 5 pounds. i used to weigh around 135 now I'm probably around 138 or 140. i hate how I look. I'm relaly discouraged because I live extremely far from a gym and I don't have my license yet. I don't take PE and my neighborhood is on a downhill steet that is very narrow so I can't run becuase my paretns are scared I"ll get hit by a car. My family just tells me "eat less if you feel fat." But that's what I had tried, skipping lunch, but all it does is make me hungry and I eat more at dinner. Please help me figure out what to do!
Reply from candy, Age 14 - 04/14/02  - IP#:
congrats on being puetro rican. women there are real beautiful. well, you can do indoor sports like dance or just get a video