From Whitney, Age 12 - 04/06/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey Guyz! I'm 12 am 5'7" and am 180 lbs. I need to lose weight. Its not that I don't have friends I'm one of the most popular guyz in my school and I have had a boyfriend. Its just when I go shopping with my friends everyone reaches to try on sizes 1 and 2 when I'm going for 14 and 16. Please help me. All I want is some one to support me or be my weight loss buddy. If you have any suggestions or want to be my weight loss buddy, please respond or e-mail me at
Reply from niwaaz, Age 12 - 04/13/02  - IP#:
hey you better lose some weight now cause my mom dsays after age 12-15 it is difficult to lose wight. 1180 lb wow.
Reply from whitney, Age 12 - 04/09/02  - IP#:
Sorry guyz my e-mail address is sorry bout that!
Reply from Liz, Age 17 - 04/07/02  - IP#:
Thats way to low, you wont stick to that diet b/c thats a shock to your body.. try a 1200, 1400 calorie diet you would be surprised at what you would lose just by sticking to that and drinking water instead of soda.. i once lost 7lbs in 2 weeks just by not drinking soda.. try things like :)
Reply from candy, Age 14 - 04/07/02  - IP#:
you have probably heard this one million times before but eat right, exercise and love yourself. good luck!