From Danielle, Age 13 - 04/03/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey people wassup? I got a real problem. I am 4"9.5 (height) and i weight 111.3lbs. I dont really like my body image. I have a lil tummy. Its sticks out a tny lil bit and really thick thighs. Recently on my thihs ive been gettin streach marks. Ive tried everything in the exercise book to get rid of them and they just keep on comming. Im afarid that by the summa time comes i wont be able to wear a bikini cause the streach marks look like there on there way up to my tummy. Does anyone no what to do to make them go away. And Do you thin 4"9.5 and 111.3lbs is fat?
Reply from Jackie, Age 16 - 04/03/02  - IP#:
Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can really do about the stretch marks, but over time they fade. I think your weight is fine, your probaly going through a growth spurt, and your height should catch up with your weight. Just try no to gain much more. If your worried about your tummy sticking out, you can try doing some cardio and situps to tone up, and lose the fat. Don't worry though, I'm sure you look great. If you want to chat or need any other suggestions or support you can email me