From Nicola, Age 11 - 04/01/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Not than anyone really cares but I lonley, I'm on spring break this week and If your here and see this reply and we might be able to chat durring the long hours. Thanks and please reply. :)
Reply from Nicola, Age 11 - 04/01/02  - IP#:
I'll be at the 11& up OLD chat room tommorrow 4/2/02 at 12:00 est (eastern standard time) c u then -Nicola!
Reply from lucia, Age 12 - 04/01/02  - IP#:
My name nick name is honey but my real name is Lucia and this week I have spring break to. I also have no one to talk to so we could talk to each other on the chat room here.
Thank you and you can come here at any time ok if you need some one to talk to. Age 12
Reply from allisa, Age 13 - 04/01/02  - IP#:
hey i have spring break too! all this week. whatever shall i do with myself? we could maybe possibley talk in the chat if we are there the same time. maybe?