From Michelle, Age 14 - 03/31/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I have lost weight recently (I was 175 pounds), I am now 145 pounds and 5'2" and a size 13. Would you consider that fat. I'm in proportion, and all my friends say I'm not fat, but I still feel like a fat girl like i was at 175 pounds. So, do you consider me fat? Please reply.
Reply from sam, Age 16 - 04/02/02  - IP#:
ok first of all some chick wrote in and said u might want to lose some more weight......well let me tell u that u don't. I know exactly what u mean and what kind of body type u have and I don't think that is anywhere near fat.... keep up the great work hun u are doing wonderful and as long as u are happy with urself thats all that matters, just hold u head up high and don't let people tell u, that u need to lose more weight only do it if thats ur desire but personally I think ur doing great!!!!
Reply from allisa, Age 13 - 04/01/02  - IP#:
well the good thing is u aren't as fat as u were so u should be happy u lost weight and congratualte your self. i would still keep going, maybe another 10 15 pounds? and if u don't want to no one is forcing u. u don't have to. and it is perfectly healthy to have a colorie diet with only 1100 or over. as long as the colorie diet doesn't go under 1000 colories. so u could lower it a little bit and that may help it hurry it up a bit or somthing.