From No one, Age 11 - 01/23/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I can't hepl it i like to eat I am 11 and i weigh at 150 and I am only 4feet 8 inches. I really need some advice. I also need to get rid of my really bid belly. please help I am relly hevy all my friends call me lardy and Fatty. and i am only in the 6th grade
Reply from sue, Age 10 - 01/27/02  - IP#:
hi, i'm 11 in 6 months and i am really heavey 2 i'm 4ft 10 inches and i weight 8 stone and 2ibs, 114pounds
so if u would follow this diet wit me we can stay in touch everyweek and see how it goes.
Breckie: ceral with a drink (jucie)
Dinna: nethin as long as it is healthy have as big as u want. but if its unhealthy just have a SMALL portioune!
Tea (if u have it): fruit of raw vedgetables.
remember DON't eat NE THING after 6 pm!
dance around to alsorts of music. Rock and Heavy metal is great, cus u r jumpin round the room and u don't care what ur doning as long as it's fun. I like blink 182 and Alien Ant Farm and Sum41 and linkin park, and loads of others! just try it.
and if u get a sudden urge to have sumthin really fatty just chew on gum (doesn't work for me) or raw vedgetables. and all ways weigh ur self at da end of da day. hope i helped and plz stay in touch!
Reply from Dawn, Age 16 - 01/25/02  - IP#:
Well for one they are not your friends if they call you names. If you need to talk email me.