From holly, Age 14 - 01/21/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
when i was 12 i weighed 155 now i'm 14 and i weigh 135 . i am so proud of my self. soon i will reach my goal to be 120 pounds!!!!!!!
Reply from Maggie, Age 13 - 01/26/02  - IP#:
Okay, something's not right if you're replying to your own message betting a thousand dollars you're anorexic or bulimic. The IPs are the same. Please stay healthy, only that way can you reach your goal weight and be satisfied.
Reply from Carrie, Age 14 - 01/25/02  - IP#:
hey, do u think that u could tell me how u did that? thank u!
Reply from anonymous, Age 14 - 01/24/02  - IP#:
i bet a thousand dollars that you went anorexic or belemic!!!!!! Didn't you???????
Reply from Jenny, Age 12 - 01/22/02  - IP#:
hi holly my name is jenny i am only 12 and i weigh 155 lbs maybe u could give me a few tips on what u did to loose weight. i don't like the way i look. u can email me at hope u can help.
Reply from Dawn, Age 16 - 01/22/02  - IP#:
What did you do?