From Ruth Dwyer, Age 14 - 01/23/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hay!My name is Ruth and I have plenty of reasons to want to become slim.I weigh 168lb and I hate it.I am in total love with one of my lad best friends and maybe he would go out with me if i lost weight.Im the heaviest out of my friends and its really embarassing.I hate the way I am.All my friends have lads thet fancy them and fit into size 8.When I go to discos, I can never swap clothes with them and I always go wearing trousers to try and cover up my HUGE ENORMOUS thighs.I am very depressed so maybe this is why I overeat.I dont know.I cant cope in school and am always failing tests and to make matters worse Im doing my junior cert in 4 months time.I worry all the time bout the simplest things and to stop me worrying I overeat.I am not hungry,just bored,loney,worried and upset.Food is my comfort.I even have stretchmarks which pregnent women get because my skin is stretching so rapidly.I am 168lb and to reach at least 120.Itb would make all the difference in the world to me.I could go out with Shane, be happier in school, look good at discos and can go swimming without being embarassed.Please, someone help me before its too late.Thank you so much.Ruth.xoxoxox.(",).From Ireland.
Reply from Sharon, Age 16 - 01/07/02  - IP#:
Hey Email me at i know what you are going through, i went through the same thing. I use to weigh 175 pounds but I lost the weigh and now I'm 125 now but I am still unhappy, I still percieve myself as fat. losing weigh doesn't make you happy, i have friends who weigh 110-115 and they think they are so fat yet they are so thin i wish i looked like them. anyhow, email me so we can talk
Reply from Michelle, Age 14 - 01/05/02  - IP#:
Hey! I know what you feel like. I use to weigh 170lbs and now I'm 147. I went from a womens size 18 to a Juniors size 13. I still have a little way to go because i want to be about 135lbs. I'm also 5ft 1inch. The things i did that may help you were 1) count calories, first, eat regular for a day then figure out how many calories you ate. Then, if you want to lose a pound a week just by cutting calories, cut 500 calories and day. So if you ate 2200 calories regular, cut it to about 1650 calories. 2)Also, I know from personal expirience that it is harder to excercise when your heavier. Well start easy and work your way up in difficulty. I suggest to run in place for 1 minute each day for 1 week. The next week 2 minutes a day. Then 3 minutes a day. All the way up to 10-15 minutes a day. This will boost your metabolism and make u look and feel better. Don't forget to stretch before, though. You'll be less sore the next day. Do this religiously and within a month, you should loose 5-10lbs. I wish you the best.
Reply from sum boy, Age 13 - 01/05/02  - IP#:
Hey- don't feel sorry. i weigh 178 pounds and am i year yunger then u.
Reply from Misty, Age 14 - 01/05/02  - IP#:
Okay well make sure you drink WATER and only WATER EVERYDAY! When you get hungry drink water and that will take away some of the hungier. Don't eat the fast foods like McDonald's. Eat healthy food.....exercise everyday i know a 60 second drill that will help... For 60 sec. run in place, then the next 60 sec, sit ups, next 60 sec push ups and keep doing that for a little while you may think it is n't going to help you but believe me it will. If you wanna know anyhting else email me at
Reply from Shelby, Age 15 - 01/04/02  - IP#:
Hey i understand what you mean about your friends being smaller than you are, all of mine are too. I really enjoy hanging out and shopping with them but its kinda depressing when they want to go inside a store that i know nothing will fit me. Im in the process of a nice safe diet and its worked pretty well so far...i am a big athlete and as a freshman i played on the Varsity soccer team for my highschool this year we won the state championship!!! I know i will never be really really skinny because i have alot of muscle and big bones...i now weigh 160 i used to weigh 175 before i started my diet, i believe my ideal weight would be about 140 or 135. so maybe hoping to weigh 120 is a little ambitios on your part but its good to set a goal!! I would like to wear the cloths my friends wear and i would also like boys to find me attractive.........i know what you're feeling.....write me anytime at yours, shelby