From ATeamGuy, Age 17 - 12/26/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Whatever happened to some of the people who used to post here, like Robby and Nick to name a few, anyway, it'd be cool to hear what's up with you all, considering that it is the day after Christmas (or Fat Wedenesday for some of us). BTW- I'll be online or awhile if anyone wants to chat today, reply!
Reply from Robby, Age 13 - 02/21/02  - IP#:
I'm here!
Reply from ATeamGuy, Age 17 - 12/27/01  - IP#:
Sure, I can help you some. Actually our weights are pretty close, i'm at 205 myself, so if you want my advice or chat or whatever, mail me at
Reply from Dustin, Age 14 - 12/26/01  - IP#:
It's definitely Fat Wednesday for me. Since Saturday I've gained 11 lbs, putting me at 184. I'm gonna start going to the gym tomorrow(that'll last a couple days). If you have any tips to help keep me motivated to work out and eat better that would be a big help.