From Cutter, Age 16 - 10/23/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Yo here's the deal. I've basically always been overweight,but now it's really bad!! Now i'm 6'3" and 340 pounds!! I'm just massive and soft everywhere....*sighs* i mean getting teased and beaten up is bad enough,that's been going on for years. I'm gonna lose this weight but i need a buddy to work with me!! Any guys out there in my predicament? Help dudes....please??
Reply from rachel, Age 15 - 04/09/03  - IP#:
hi! i am from england i don't understand pounds as over here we use stone. i am trying to lose weight i have started exercising everyday doing things like dancing, running and sit ups and the good thing is that you can do all this indoors without people looking at you! i have also started cutting food and fizy drinks out, i only drink fizzy drinks at the weekend...if you would like to email me plaese do at good luck!
Reply from Ryan, Age 17 - 11/03/01  - IP#:
You're 6'3", 340 and they're beating YOU up???