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hi. i ain't over weight or anything but i can help you people with advice. just reply me. i prefere meeting in the chat most of the time so if u want to give advice from me tell me where u live(your country) and i can figure out the rest on the time zone stuff. and if u want to figure it out yourself i live in the usa in the middle in nebraska. tell me what time would be best for the meeting in the chat. and the reason i want to chat in the new chat is cuzz i do better when we chat. don't know why just do. so reply
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i couldn't come sorry maybe next time
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Hi!!! I live in il. I just feel so loonley im 16 years old and i weigh like a 195 lbs can we meet in the chat room like at 7 pm tomorrow? i live in channahon illinois!!!! Thank you! From Brian