From Dawn, Age 16 - 10/11/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I have been here before. I was wondering if any one knew what the most wieght you can loose if you do it the unhealthy way?
Reply from Karen, Age 14 - 11/06/01  - IP#:
PLEASE dont try to loose weight the unhealthy way. You will be trapped in it and you will be alot more unhealthy than you are now and you will become very weak. There will be no good in it.Instead, drink alot more water and stay away from the kitchen. If you are DESPERATE to loose weight you will have to make yourself do it.
Reply from Casey, Age 12 - 10/27/01  - IP#:
Dawn,even though you say you can lose wieght the unhealthy way, you can't. No one can. Trust me you don't want to get in to that.
Reply from AnnaRosaria, Age 13 - 10/23/01  - IP#:
I lost 30 lbs. in 3 weeks. Mind you, I was anorexic and bulimic. But hey, you asked.
Reply from allisa, Age 12 - 10/18/01  - IP#:
i am not sayin u r thin, just that do not do it unhealthy. thin or not. when u r fat u stick to the diet and then u get thin and u can't stop cuzz u r so used to it and u start getting so thin when some one sees u they r gonna think u can drop dead any minute and u could too
Reply from katy, Age 16 - 10/15/01  - IP#:
Hey adam,
alos, you might want to check into some type of community theater. I think that that is an excellent way to meet friends, and it will do wonders for your self esteem.
Take Care!
Reply from Dawn to Alisa, Age 16 - 10/14/01  - IP#:
I am not thin so I am able to do it unhealthy.
Reply from ALLISA, Age 12 - 10/13/01  - IP#:
ummmmmm well my friend does it an unhealthy way and i am trying to get her to stop. so i knwo how much u can lose unhealthy. i am not going to lie to u. u can lose ALOT, but it is terrible for your body. once u done it unhealthy way then it is hard to go back to being healthy again. u stick to it cuss u think u r over wieght even though u arn't and u start gettin really thin and ugly. i wouldn't do it unhealthy. i am thin and u don't see me doing anything unhealthy. u can be thin with out doing it unhealthy.