From nikkie, Age 13 - 08/20/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hi im only 13 and overweight i have 2 weeks till school and need and wont to loose weight! the thing is that i an in dance and walk and smimm and also ride my bike. im in the 100 and not close (mabey) to 200. i havent been on the scale in a while and scared to go on it.if you think or know anything that can help me please and it would mean alot. thanks
Reply from shanell, Age 13 - 08/23/01  - IP#:
don't try to lose weight to fast 2 weeks is not a lot of time. so take it slow.drink lots of water and during school bring lunch and if you dont , dont skip lunch just try to get something not to fatting
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Reply from Cody, Age 13 - 08/23/01  - IP#:
Don't think about the total amount of weight you want to lose. Set your goal for 2 to 5 lbs every week. And don't feel bad if one week you don't lose any but that you stayed the same(rather than gaining) and then jump back into it the next week. Remember "A mile is a trial, an inch is a cinch". You can do it, one little step at a time.
And don't let the kids at school get to you. They don't see the courageous and smart person that is on the inside. Because you are smart and brave, your trying to make yourself better!!! :o)
Reply from allisa, Age 12 - 08/20/01 
ok heres the deal. u want to lose weight is so easy if u tried. just don't buy treats, buy healthy, tasty food. and when u get hungery eat gum. walk after dinner. and do more sports. it helped me , i thought it might help u