From Amanda, Age 12 - 08/17/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi, um I'm not really that fat, it's just the I still need the lose about 5lbs in my thighs.
Well, I am 5ft, and I weigh 100/101 pounds, and still can wear size 14(kids) and/or
size 0. Does anybody have any advice on how to loose 5-10 pounds before school
Reply from nicole, Age 12 - 08/24/01  - IP#:
im sorry but y are u here? youre lucky to be like that, i am 5 feet tall and 111 pounds. Youre not the one who has to lose weight trust me!
Reply from sarah-lou, Age 14 - 08/20/01 
i dont mean 2 sound rude but if u are not fat then why are u here. if u want to lose weight from your thighs go for walks or do thigh exercises or something.