From Laura, Age 14 - 08/12/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Well, its been a while since my last post and things have not gone well, I'm now over 270!
Help me, I need some tips, some sympathy, anything!
Reply from Cody, Age 13 - 08/23/01  - IP#:
Try this. For ONE month, write down EVERYTHING you eat. Write down when and how much. You will probably be amazed because most of the time we eat and don't even think about it. It's just something to do. Everytime you want to eat a chip or piece of candy or have that candy bar in the school vending machine, chew some sugarless gum. Carry a bottle of ice water and drink the whole thing if you have to, until the urge to eat goes away. I'm not saying not to eat. Eat smaller portion, like they tell you on this web site (never, never eat fried food) but when you want to MUNCH.....DRINK. Also, try unsalted sunflower seeds, soynuts or a trail mix when you want a little munchy. They are great source of protein and you'll find you are full. Last. Pop (Pepsi, Coke, Mtn Dew) is great once in awhile but they make you thirsty. When you want one, have a DIET Pepsi, but stick to water. Try this, bottle of water, a little bit of lemon juice and a packet of sweet n low. It freshens your breath and burns calories. How great is that!! Don't give up!!
Reply from djciccio, Age 18 - 08/19/01 
What's has happened to you ? Im new here ... but email me..
Reply from Kat, Age 12 - 08/13/01 
girl what happened to you . does this have any thing to do with alissa ? i've been lookin for you at the chat room hey are you gonna be at the chat room today at 4:30 i hope so see ya bye
Reply from candy, Age 13 - 08/13/01 
sympathy me at