From hetty, Age 14 - 08/11/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
does anyone know how to lose weight sucessfuly?
i try and try and i never seem to lose much.
i excersise lots.
please reply.
Reply from sarah, Age 18 - 11/06/01  - IP#:
girl you say you exercise but how about what you eat??
You say you evercise lots so do you increase the amout of food you eat? that might be why you arnt losinf weight don not listen to that samatha girl that is the dumdest thing you can do beside being bulmic do it the smat way eat healtly food veggies and fruits in small serving for example i medium sized apple is a serving of fruit. and exercise do a little weight lifting muscle burns fat and then some cardio work outs like walking or joggig don't be afraid of how you look it's self consious people who critize . so remember that.
Reply from Samantha, Age 16 - 08/16/01 
Well, me and a friend are on this no eating diet. It's working wonders for us. I drink one slim fast a day then i don't eat anything for the rest of the day. I am 5'6" and 149lbs. About a month and a half ago i was 175. So that's great. But i also drink "NO FAT" milk. Cause it has the vitamins you need. I exercise too. I am not telling you to go on this diet but you might find something good about it.!!THANXX