From James, Age 13 - 08/11/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi. I have not put any thing up here before. I feel like a big blob of fat. And I look that way too. I some times want to be anerexic to lose weight. But I ralise that that is bad. It just seems like such a good idea when all my friends are at lest 200-250 pounds lighter then I am. I can't talk to them about it they would not under stand. Incase you were wondering how much I weigh I weigh 35 stone. (420 ponds) I just feel so bad. I tryied to diet for a month and lost 10 pounds. Then I stoped for a day break. This turned into me not starting again and gaining back the 10. This made me feel depresed so I ate alot. So much that to date I have gained 50 pounds or so. This is because of the viscious circle. Please help. I need it badly. I have been warned by my docter that if I don't loose at least 50 pounds I will have a heart attack in under 2 years. And it is just so hard to loose weight. Especially if you have close to 300 pounds of extra fat on your body. Like I said I need help badly PLEASE HELP.
Reply from Alicia, Age 19 - 12/16/01  - IP#:
Honey, when I read your cry for help, i could not do anything but feel your pain. I too used to feel the way you do. The first thing that I would like to tell you is that you have one advantage of being many pounds over weight. The more weight you have to lose, the faster you will lose it. Your body has to work harder to get rid of 200 pounds than it does to lose 20 pounds. If you can get on a small diet and exercise program for as little as a month, the results will keep you motivated. Trust me! Good luck!
Reply from jake, Age 16 - 09/29/01  - IP#:
a kid your age has to have a weight level of 112 pounds not 420 you need to lose 388 pounds.TRY SLIMKIDS.COM
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man yo i know how you feel i weigh 456 and i am overweight by 310 pounds i f i don't lose that i will have a heart attack to. the last time i tried a diet i lost 40 pounds but because of the vicious circle i put on 6o pounds. i hope you have luck
Reply from Cody, Age 13 - 08/23/01  - IP#:
Hey James, It really sucks that doctors sit there and tell you that you need to lose weight (which I'm sure you already knew) but then they don't do anything to help. What you haven't realized is that ... you lost 10 lbs. That's GREAT!!!! You CAN lose the weight!! Think about everything you eat, everything you do (moving/exercising) everyday. Write it down. Write when you eat, what, how much, even where you were. Even jot down how you felt (sad, happy, BORED) This will help you to become conscious every single day of what you are eating and then it makes you realize when, where & what your eating that is making you gain weight. I can help you with some great tips that are so basic and simple it's hard to believe they work. I'll be here to help you... every step of the way. My e-mail address is (my mom's business) She's really cool though. She spend everyday helping me lose my weight and she makes it so much fun on the way. But there is so much I want to ask you so maybe I can help. So e-mail me. Don't give in, dude.
P.S. I think it's great that so many others on this site are supporting you. Your not alone!!!!!
Reply from jdm2001, Age 16 - 08/19/01 
...and god loves you, too !!!
Reply from jdm2001, Age 16 - 08/19/01 
I love you with all your fat !!!
Reply from jess, Age 13 - 08/19/01 
i read your story and that is what made me write that reply to you. i hope to hear further of any results or tuff times you encounter along the way that so many of us travel to become that smaller weight
Reply from jess, Age 13 - 08/19/01 
i saw this site while i was looking for the same thing as all of us! an easy way to lose wieght. so far i believe that there is no such thing. i am extremly over weight, i am 87kg and only 156cm tall. all my friends wiegh half of me.
at school when we have to record our weight i refuse to do it.
i love going shopping with my friends but when they go to try on clothes i stand out side the change rooms and hold their bags, this doesn't make shopping fun.
i never tell anyone my weight cause i am so ashamed, some of my friends say i look good for a bigger person and hide my flab well, but that hurts all i ever want is to be normal, a normaal shape just like every one else. i hope to hear from any one! i am relying on your help and support to make me the normal shape that i only dream of!
Reply from james, Age 15 - 08/13/01 
James i know exactly how you feel and i know that its hard ive gone through many bad experiences concerning my weight too. Its never easy to feel bad about who you are but you have to realize two things.1- you should try to lose weight for yourself and for heath reasons not for the sake of apearance if people cant see the real you thats their problem. 2- losing weight is possible if you belive in yourself and plan it out well use the tips at i hope my advice helped you im me my screen name is jamespacx
Reply from candy, Age 13 - 08/13/01 
james.. luisa is right. do it for yourself, not for others. if you want to diet. hold on till where you want it to be. dun give up in the middle.
Reply from Liz, Age 14 - 08/13/01 
Hey. I feel the same way yo do. Even though I havn't seen a doctor, I know that I need to lose weight (well, 35 pounds, which is A LOT to me). But DON'T go anorexic. It's a desease (that's not spelled right) and you'd get really sick and might die. NOT cool. About the heart attack, I would use that as motivation not to eat so much. whenever you are hungry, than think about it and maybe you'll resist. I don't want it to happen to me either. maybe we can work 2gether, you know, e-mailing back and forth. my address is hope to hear from you. good luck
Reply from Luisa, Age 13 - 08/12/01 
James its really hard u just have to stick to the diet because u just have to do it for urself and u know that so u have to do it when ur ready no one can do it for u u have to do it for urself so find the right time and u'll be able to get there i know u will
luv Luisa
Reply from candy, Age 13 - 08/12/01 
would you like to email me?