From Kat, Age 12 - 07/20/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hey every one 205 and up . i've made up a diet/exersise plan for you . it's hard but it's worth it. you have to do stuff for 6 hours a day. but it isn't just a work out you can do stuff like make dinner . The things I'm going to list need to be done 1 hour each. Riding a bike at 10 mph , jump rope easly , walking 1 mile in 20 mins , cooking , laundry vacuming , and when you eat take out 600 calories from you daily diet . Use a note book to record how many calories youv'e eat . If you do this stuff you can burn up to 3510 calories a day . Weigh your self multiply that by 12 thats how many calories a day you should be eating then subtract 600 from that. take Sundays off from the exercise but keep eating healthy. The heavyer you weigh the more calories you will burn from doing this. I hope this will help you .
Reply from Lester, Age 13 - 07/20/01 
hey Kat...thanks for the super ideas.. ur way cool... it was fun chattin w/ you in the chat room today... later... :o} Lester