From Kat, Age 12 - 07/19/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I'm in need of weightloss. I'm 5'8 207 lbs. I really need to loose weight , alot of weight. My parents don't want to spend money on expensive diets. Also , any of you sucesser out there , how long did it take you to lose weight ? was it really hard ? do you have any tip's on loosing weight fast ? I need help does any one have any suggestions for me ? You can e-mail me at or just reply here. thanx much
Reply from jon, Age 10 - 01/11/03  - IP#:
how do I lose 10 for my brothers gratioun in june
Reply from kristain, Age 14 - 11/12/01  - IP#:
dear kat,
i know what its like to be over weight when i was 12 i weighed 187lbs! but over the summer i lost over 50lbs and then i gained it all back but my advice to you is set your goal and go for it i did at least til i gained it back but im trying to get it off again so if you need someone to talk to email me at plez