From catherine, Age 15 - 07/19/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
HI! I just want to know if anyone wants to become email buddies. I am 15 and am in desperate need to loose weight. If anyone else needs to lose weight and feels that having a buddy will help them then you can reach me at:
Reply from jane, Age 15 - 11/03/01  - IP#:
hi it's jane, i don't need to loose weight but i have suffered with an eating disorder, but now am over it, i'm in england near london, my email is;
Reply from rebecca, Age 14 - 07/24/01 
hey catherine i am trying to lose weight too and i will email u k
Reply from Kat, Age 12 - 07/19/01 
I'm looking for a buddie . when are you going to start?
I want to start as soon as posible . i need a buddie for support . please e-mail me at
Thanx Much