From ashley, Age 14 - 07/08/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
ive been over weight my hole life and im tired of it i go swimmin and theres the section of the pool were all of the preps and the ones in bikinis sit and i wish i was there i recently got runner up in a pagent and that has boost my confindance but id really like to loose the weight oh yeah im 5foot4 and 220 please reply bye for now~*AsHlEy*~
Reply from Chrysell, Age 14 - 07/10/01 
I think that i am over weight . I don't know wat a typical teen is suppose to weigh but i am 14 and i weigh 180lbs. All my friends are smaller than me and i wishi could be the same as them.My friends try to be nice to me because they know the things i will do to lose weight. My friends always tells me that i am small but i know that they are just tryin t be nice to me . I know wat your ging through i feel the same way that you feel . I think its because of my weight i have never had a boyfriend . I wish i could have someone beside my mom to love me . Remember i feel the same way that you do .
Reply from Lindsey, Age 15 - 07/10/01 
Ashley, I know how you feel. I'm 15 and over 200 lbs. I think it's great you won in the paegant! Don't think you have to be like anyone! If you want to lose wieght, don't do it for the preps, do it for yourself. If you love who you are, and are healthy, good for you!
Good luck girlie! ~Linds
Reply from April, Age 15 - 07/09/01 
HEy! If you wanna talk or be buddies u can email me @