From nora, Age 16 - 07/04/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
is being 16 and 140 pounds over-weight? i mean, i've always hated those annoying people who are incredibly skinny and think their fat.. i had no problem with weight till now... help!
Reply from ~Cassie~, Age 15 - 07/10/01 
Sweet heart! personally i think that you are fine! That isn't overweight.. you might feel it but trust me you look different that you think you are.. for the better.. you are a good height with good weight... i understand with all those people saying stuff about being liek 115lb and they are like i am soo fat.. i get that a lot too.. but just keep positive and everything will be great!
Reply from kristin, Age 13 - 07/06/01 
sometimes when you "mature" ya know.......... you gain some weight. I dont know if that might be the case but i wish you good luck in fixing your problem!!!!
Reply from cc, Age 15 - 07/05/01 
Happy 4th of July!
Reply from Ginny S., Age 14 - 07/05/01 
Hey, I kow what you mean. I hear it all the time from the "popular" girls. They're all like, "Gosh, I'm 100 pounds! I am sooo fat!!!" I mean, I totally wish I looked like them and had their flat bellies!
Reply from clare, Age 16 - 07/04/01 
It depends how tall you are. i'm 5ft 3 and weigh 144lbs and that's too much.