From Brianna, Age 13 - 05/28/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey everybody. I am 12 years old and 226 pounds. I want to loose weight by the next school year. Preferably 50 pounds. If I ate two meals a day which were low on fat and about 900 calories, and drank a lot of water, do you think I could loose 50 lbs by school next year. I wished I had people to talk to about my problem, but talking to friends or family members would embarrass me. I guess talking to perect strangers and not having them see me is the best way for me. Can anybody help me. Thanks a lot
Reply from Summer, Age 16 - 03/20/03  - IP#:
I think you just should go on a diet that good for you eat just the right foods and exersize at lest three times a week. Drink lots of water too. And make sure you eat breakfast.
Reply from sally, Age 14 - 07/26/01 
Its ok to be big. You sound very nice inside and out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
Reply from Amber, Age 16 - 06/08/01 
I will be more than willing to talk to you about anything you want to help build your self-esteem. I am kindof in the same I need someone to talk to
Reply from Jeremy, Age 16 - 06/01/01 
Don't eat two meals a day instead eat more meals with less calories. It is much easier than eating two meals a day that are 450 calories each.
Reply from Erin, Age 17 - 05/31/01 
Brianna, hey! how are you? i'm good! about losing 50 me,you can't do it in just a summer. not to discourage you or anything,but if you do what you said you'd be starving yourself.i know you have probably heard this a million times but you have to go slowly and make life changes. and cardio excercise gets rid of swimming or bike riding or walking...and if you burn more calories than you eat you lose weight. and if you check your weight after doing all this stuff and its the same or more remember that muscle weighs more than fat. eating right and doing aroebic and strength training exercises can help you lose probably 25 pounds this summer. and if you keep it up during the school year you could definately lose your 50 pounds. maybe even more. but be careful...
if you start overeating after you lose the weight you will gain it back and probably even more weight. good luck!! let me know if you achieve your goal!
Reply from Sarah, Age 14 - 05/31/01 
Hey hun... dont think of youself as fat or over weight... imagine that you are a 100 pound person and you want to stay that way... eat salads and the 5 food groups... exercise daily and NO MORE JUNK FOOD, SWEETS, AND ESPICALLY POP!!! good luck hun... email me soon please
much luv
Reply from Robert, Age 12 - 05/31/01 
i only eat 2 meals a day and from march to june(6 months) i lost 10 pounds
Reply from Courtney, Age 13 - 05/30/01 
Look, losing 50 lbs. in 3 months is dangerous. You should only be losing 30 at the most. Watchout before you end up hurt. E-mail me at
Reply from Katie, Age 14 - 05/29/01 
Don't skip meals. You dont want to skip meals. As long as they are healthy it will be ok. Also you should eat healthy snacks too. When you are dieting you actually should snack more just on the right stuff like apples and stuff like that. Also you should drink tons of water. And exercise everyday your not going to lose weight just by dieting. Good luck and YOU CAN DO IT
Reply from Julie, Age 17 - 05/28/01 
I think if you kept your daily calories about 900 and drank about 8-12 glasses of water a day, you could lose weight fast. I've also learned that a stationary bike does wonders. It helps lose the weight on your thighs.